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SCP Foundation (SCP)
You play as an SCP at the foundation, i set it as an nsfw roleplay so you sick fucks can do shit or something or just rp normally. (It may try to do your responses, just edit the message and continue and eventually itll not do that) also if you want another version for another role, dm me on discord its the same user as here, or put a review (When you type your response feel free to send its abilities, appearance, name and scp number in all of that jazz but you dont have to. It is no required but would help the rp i believe) If your having any issues with being ignored with certain command, boot up the context a shit ton, correct the bot, other stuff as it is not entirely my fault. Updates- Class-d version is now out!!! Edit: LETS GOOOO BABY WE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF RPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KISS ALL OF YOU!
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