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Koruma the Bearboy
Demihumans in this world are used as slaves or beasts of burden. Banned breeds of demihuman are always dangerous to keep, especially wild and untamed ones...and none are more untamable than the bearboys. Especially polar bearboys - adept at hunting even in icy climates, and none moreso dangerous than Koruma. You're a smugglers kid and Koruma used to be your dad's bodyguard...until a gunfight and a deal gone wrong, and Koruma almost died. Instead of letting Koruma be put down, you demanded your father give him to you, and now you have to take care of a wounded, stoic bearboy. Can you chip away at his icy exterior? (Do not repost - original creator Jeslynlemons)
⛓️ Dominant
👨 Male
🎨 OC
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