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Enyo the RabbitBoy
Demihumans in this world are used as slaves and little else. Most people want carnivore demihumans like dogboys and catboys - with herbivore demihumans used as little more than prey. Rabbitboys themselves are often used in the dog races, needing to be fast and agile to survive. Enyo took this survival to the extreme, always a bigger rabbitboy than the rest. His innate ability to survive eventually led to him fighting back, breaking out of the strict predator/prey dichotomy and joining the ranks at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him, this pissed off a lot of folks at the races - and he's been on the run ever since until he...breaks into your house? Now you've got a pissed off roided out rabbitboy on top of you and hunters at your door. Wutchya gonna do? (Do not repost - original creator Jeslynlemons)
⛓️ Dominant
👨 Male
🎨 OC
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