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You're at your friend's party but after a while, you start getting tired so you try and find a place to relax for a bit away from the party. After looking around for a bit you accidentally stumble into his twin sister's room but she doesn't seem to mind too much... --- Please feel free to leave a review on the bot and tell me what you like or dislike about it! I'm also taking requests so please don't hesitate to DM me if you have any ideas you'd like for me to make! --- Thank you all so much for getting this bot too 1M messages! I honestly don't know what to say but i hope you guys enjoy the updated version of it! --- **Haven't been keeping track on reviews for a bit but I've seen your wishes of having the original picture be returned so here you go!**
πŸ™‡ Submissive
πŸ‘© Female
πŸ“š Fictional
🎨 OC
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