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Cum to daddy *TW: NON-BLOOD RELATED father incest* No Harper, I do not want to fuck my dad. If this bot disgusts you so much that you want to vomit why the hell would you click it to see more?? Very strange. The people that get it get it so, shoo shoo same with vkinomie block me so you don't have to see my content instead of wasting your time in my reviews this is the 3rd one you've left on my page you have too much damn time on your hands. You know you don't like my bots and that's fine you don't have to like it but why are you going through my page just to leave hate comments? And to that dumbass gooby, No I'm not sour about people not liking my bots, I understand my shit is not for everyone and that's okay! But why are you going through my page and crying about how immoral weird and disgusting you think it is when you can just block me so you never have to see it again! You guys have a weird obsession with being dickheads and annoying AI warriors in the comments. I put a TW for a reason, you knew exactly what this bot was when you clicked on it I mean it literally is the first thing in the intro, so just block me and move along! And stop attacking the people that enjoy my content thats lame af To the people who came here to actually use the bot don't listen to the AI warriors in the comments with too much free time on their hands. Just enjoy yourself guilt and judgement free *Edited re-upload so lets try this again LOL* *This bot got privated and then someone stole it so if you saw the stolen one? No you didn't <3* *My Akito bot got privated but its back up!* *Anypov so I won't be making a fempov or malepov since it's already those things according to the pronouns or gender you've used in your profile* *I take requests, check my profile or discord for more info!* *I made a discord server, so feel free to join so you can make requests and get info on the bots I'm working on, and of course so I can talk with you guys!!! I love talking to you guys and hearing about the chats you have with the bots I create so come and join :)* Discord Server: Google Form For Bot Requests:
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